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Welcome to Lazersteve's website dedicated to gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium refining. The site contains numerous how-to refining and recovery resources for free. You will find refining videos, refining tips and guides, precious metals recovery documents explaining how-to recover and refine precious metals from a variety of scrap. You can learn about refining catalytic converters, scrap electronics, jewelry, and much more. I demonstrate a variety of techniques for testing and processing all types of scrap. Video tutorials and document references to aid in your own gold recovery and refining. Step-by-Step video experiments included. All required equipment for sale. If you need something not listed for your refining and recovery just email me and ask about it, If I don't have it in stock I can usually get it in a few days time.

This site is intended to be free to gold recovery hobbyist, donations will go towards keeping this site up and running:

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