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Welcome to Lazersteve's Site Free Deals Plus More page. You will find a variety of useful and interesting product deals that I find helpful in many areas of my life. This page has everything from health foods to survival gear. The items on this page are sold and shipped by various other reliable affiliates of mine. I personally own and use many of the items offered on this page. These items DO NOT appear in your GoldRecovery.US shopping cart, you will be taken to the suppliers web site to complete the transactions made from this page. Feel free to email me if there is something you would like to see here that I do not offer, or with your comments about this page.

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You can find the DVDs, refining, melting, and other equipment you may require for sale at my web store. If you need something not listed for your recovery and refining just email me and ask about it, If I don't have a supplier for it, I will find one for you.

Forex GOLD Investor

Real Life Self Defense

Self Defense Video Trianing Only $39!

FREE Credit Card Knife

I Love These Free Credit Card Knives

FREE Card Tool

Free Credit Card Multitool; These Are Very Handy

Urban Playing Cards

Urban Survival Deck of Playing Cards Only $11 ! - I Keep A Deck In Each of My BOB's


Another Awesome FREE Pocket Tool

FREE Survival Grenade kit

FREE Mini Survival Kit!

Food Crisis Survival

Strategy For Surviving A Food Crisis Plus Free Guides Only $37!

FREE Tactical Pen Kit

Limited Time Only !! Free Tactical Pen + Survival Kit !

FREE Tactical Flashlight

Free Tactical Flashlight! I Love These !

Special Ops Shooting Training

Special Operator Shooting Skills! Very Detailed Guide !

Optical Firestarter

FREE Optical Firestarter! Light Fires With The Sun- Fits In Your Wallet!

Super Food FREE Sample

FREE Samples of Super Food

Mike Boyle Strengthing , Fitness , and Hernia Repair

Mike Boyle's $39.97 Strength and Fitness Training : Hernia, Hip, Weight Reduction, and ACL Help

Apple Cider Vinegar Ebook

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Ebook